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ONE TRACK MIND: In The Nick Of Time “In The Nick Of Time”


You don’t hear a whole heck of a lot of U2 in kid’s music, but In The Nick Of Time’s self-titled arena rocker brings a little bit of Bono’s grandeur to music made for children.  It doesn’t hurt that the line “just call me and I’ll be there” is sung with a dramatic vocal echo effect in the very first verse.  That lyric lays the foundation for a wonderful song about always being available for your kids and being a cape-less, real life hero to them no matter their age or how complicated their problems become.  Yeah, it’s a pretty great tune.  This particular cut is not indicative of the style of music In The Nick Of Time makes, which is best described as hodgepodge or a pot luck dinner approach to album making, moving from stadium rock to Studio 54 disco to Bowery punk.

“In The Nick Of Time”, the song, is included on “Making Silly Faces”, the 3rd kindie album by In The Nick Of Time, the band.  Got it?  Good, ’cause here’s some more info for ya.  In The Nick Of Time, the band again, is the brainchild of Nick Deysher who is also the fella behind the kid’s music blog Singing in the Bathtub (currently on hiatus, but we all hope it get a reboot real soon).  His self-titled song is one of my faves of 2011…and I don’t even particularly care for U2.  Go figure.

*OWTK received a copy of In The Nick Of Time’s “Making Silly Faces” for review consideration. The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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