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Nintendo DS Game Review: Zhu Zhu Babies

ZHU ZHU BABIES for Nintendo DS
by Cooper McHatton

The Game: Zhu Zhu Babies is a brand new Zhu Zhu game for the Nintendo DS from Game Mill & Activision that has arrived just in time for the holiday season. Zhu Zhu Babies are lost, on the loose somewhere in the world. It’s the player’s mission to find the Babies and get them safely home.

Object: There are 36 levels to explore as young gamers race around the world working to find 6 Zhu Zhu’s babies. Each level is is a maze where you must find a key, reach a goal to complete it, and rescue the Babies. One by one, young gamers visit popular cities and tourist sites throughout the world in search of the Zhu Zhu tots; including London, Cairo, Rome, Hollywood, and New York. The graphics are clean and the scenery is ever-changing. Players will enjoy visiting those famous destinations through quick glimpses of the most popular attractions.

Features: Search mazes for Zhu Zhu Babies and other objects. Players will find themselves working through increasingly complicated mazes for paths, buttons and doors that will transport from one part of the maze to another in search of the key that will allow exiting the level. Be aware of surprises at each level meant to slow you down; balloons that need to be popped, wooden doors that you have to smash through. There are several ways to go through the mazes, some with obstacles, some with dead ends, but nothing too frustrating. Players will be jumping, sliding and problem solving through mazes while caring for rescued Zhu Zhu babies. Although this is primarily a puzzle adventure game, the Babies still need some TLC!  Feeding Babies carrots along the way will make them quicker, and checking on Babies at home by tending to them, giving them food, water, and exercise will keep them happy. There are also rewards for taking good care of the Zhu Zhu Babies as well as a nice added dress-up feature.

The Scoop: Ample voiceovers make certain that young gamers always know what to do next, meaning there is no need for pre-readers to shy away from this game. The levels get hard as Zhu Zhu Babies are rescued, but players will also get better and better at the style and feel of the game so there should be a natural learning curve.

Wrap It Up: As Zhu Zhu Baby caretakers, young gamers will have quite an adventure traveling around the world saving the Babies and bringing them safely home. There is no shortage of sights to see with so many back drops, and no limit to the Zhu Zhu fun to be had.  Zhu Zhu Babies for DS offers simple yet interesting-enough gameplay keeping young gamers plenty entertained. Fans of the Zhu Zhu franchise will love to be immersed in this game and fans of mazes and puzzles will find much to their liking as well.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Design: 9
Story: 8
Gameplay: 9
Value: 9
Overall: 8.5

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*OWTK received a copy of Zhu Zhu Babies DS for review consideration.  The opinions above are unbiased and honest.

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