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Nintendo DS Game Review: Pillow Pets

PILLOW PETS for Nintendo DS
by Cooper McHatton

The Game: The 1st Pillow Pets game for the Nintendo DS has arrived courtesy of Game Mill and these fluffy friends are cuter than ever. Pillow Pets are officially everywhere now! And there is something quite irresistible about them. All the 4-8 year-old kids I know have a least one, and it’s a favorite. The question is: how can a franchise built upon the soft & cuddly make a jump from squishy pillow friend to a decidedly less-snuggly DS game? Strangely, pretty well.

The Object: When the game begins Lady Bug Pillow Pet explains that her friends are stuck in bad dreams and the only way to get them back and out of their bad dreams is to find them, wake them up, and lead them home. In a side-scrolling platformer game format, players go on a adventure to rescue those Pillow Pet friends. Once the player wakes a Pet from it’s unpleasant dream, the player and their new Pillowy friend will look for a key that will bring them back to the playroom. Young gamers will hop, fly, and buzz through 15 levels divided into the 3 worlds of Pillow Pet’s Dreamland; Fantasy Woods, Rainbow Valley, and Slumber Land Castle.

Features: Expect your youngest gamers to spend oodles of playtime collecting 16 popular Pillow Pets, then naming and customizing them with over 40 unlockable accessories like hats, glasses, shoes, bows, and more that are earned at the end of each level. Players will also collect wishing stars, tokens, and other items that will increase the overall fun of the game. The graphics are quite good and more than adorable. Little Pillow Pet lovers will appreciate how good their favorite Pillow Pet looks in the game and maybe even try to lay their head down upon their DS. (Note: this will not be comfortable).

The Scoop: Parents should know that there is some reading in the beginning of the game, in small amounts within certain levels, and at the end of each level. Although this text is usually not something that needs to be read to complete the level, it would have been nice if there was a voiceover since Pillow Pets is geared towards the pre-reader age group. One great thing about Pillow Pets DS is that the frustration level is low for young players because there is no way to lose and the levels are never too difficult.

Wrap it up: Even without a backstory that I am sure we would all love to know, (why are they Pillow Pets anyways?) this is a sweet and fun DS game. The value of the game is somewhat questionable because there are so few levels, but for the youngest players in your home, the fun should last long enough to make the game a worthwhile purchase. Pillow Pets for DS is sure to be a hit with both Pillow Pet fans and young fans of side-scrolling adventure games.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 5
Design: 8
Story: 7
Gameplay: 8
Value: 6
Overall: 7

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*OWTK received a copy of Pillow Pets DS for review consideration.  The opinions above are unbiased and honest.

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