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Nintendo 3DS Game Review: Pet Zombies

PET ZOMBIES for Nintendo 3DS
by Cooper McHatton

Pet Zombies has a lot of things going for it. The moment you hear it’s title your ears instantly perk up and you find yourself saying “Excuse me? What was that again? Did you say Pet Zombies? What do you do in it?” The answer is kinda simple, I mean, zombies aren’t the most complex characters in the world. Pet Zombies is a freaky, violent version of Nintendogs, but with zombies: Pet Zombies! Gamers have the option of either nurturing or torturing their undead friend in a variety of bizarre ways.  Totally your call.

Pick your Zombie: Yep, gamers get to choose exactly what kind of zombie they want. There are a number of different options to choose from. Would you like the jock? No? How about the clown? Not your style? Maybe the granny? No kidding, the grandma zombie kinda rules. After picking one, it’s time to alter his/her appearance a bit and then name it. I chose the nerd zombie and named him “Undead Ned” [ed. note: I’m pretty sure he was one of my Garbage Pal Kids?]

Play time: Gamers can now begin bestowing upon their new pet acts of kindness or cruelty. Feed your zombie brains? Light it on fire? Yes, these are the things you do in the game, and you do them in 3D! This creates some hilarious reactions which are quite fun to watch the first few times. Players will love torturing their zombified pal. [ed. note: no actual pets were injured in the playing of this video game, naturally]

Mini-Games: Firing your undead pet out of a slingshot or using it for target shooting are some of the, um, charming activities in Pet Zombies. All of these games help you to earn Zombucks (the in-game currency). Players need the undead coin to purchase different food items (zombies like a constant flow of yummy brains, ya know) and toys (like a mirror for zombies to admire themselves). One problem here is that the developers made unlocking these mini-games a slow and somewhat painful process. If the process of unlocking Zombie Pet mini-games was quicker, the game as a whole would be substantially more enjoyable.

Zombies in 3D: The 3D effects in Pet Zombies are intense, sometimes to a point of uncomfortable visuals on the highest setting. The depth is really, really nice. You can see a ‘long’ way into each room, not to mention how ‘close’ your zombie can come to you. Even the title screen looks awesome.

Overall: Pet Zombies is terrific for the gamer who doesn’t like the cute & cuddly that goes along with Nintendogs, but still craves a virtual pet to care for (sort of). As you’d expect with a game called Pet Zombies, there’s a lot of gore, a ton violence, and a good amount of humor. Gamers will be surprised by what they’ll do to make their pet happy! The drawback here is that it requires a lot of gameplay (hours) to level up your zombie, which is the only way to unlock new mini-games and items in the shop. You can only rub your zombie with a scrub brush and fire him out of a slingshot so many times while you wait for new things to become unlocked.


Graphics: 7
Sound: 4
Design: 6
Story: 7
Gameplay: 7
Value: 7
Overall: 6.5

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*OWTK received a copy of Pet Zombies for 3DS for review consideration.  The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.

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