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Toy Review: Myachi Battle Paddles

Here’s a kickass toy with a Kickstarter campaign in need of some love!

At the heart of the Myachi story is a frustrated and disillusioned Wall St. career.   And that’s never before seemed more appropriate or topical than right now!  Take a short break from your Occupy Wall Street protest to put your money where your mouth is: toss a few bucks towards an entrepreneur looking to expand his existing indie toy outside the greedy, mass-marketed, corporate-dominated sphere.  Isn’t that what we’re all looking for right now?

The Myachi Battle Paddles will become the awesome add-on to the successful Myachi Handsack (over 1 million of which have been sold worldwide!).  The game involves the traditional Hacky Sack model of tossing to and fro with a buddy or group but adds a sporting element, turning the tables on the standard games of football, ping pong, lacrosse and more, and even more physical dexterity.  You can catch the Handsack with anything save for your palms, the most commonly used body part being the back of the hand. And because little kids have small hands, thus also have small backs of hands, the paddles will help them dominate their next game of Myachi.

Even the Mouse’s tiny hand fits inside the paddle and while she hasn’t yet the coordination to catch the Handsack with it (preferring the easier ‘catching with her dress’ method), she is having a ton of fun practicing.  She also enjoyed very much nailing me in the face with the Handsack while I was taking these pictures!

The Myachi Battle Paddle Kickstarter campaign is rife with reward levels, my favorite being the affordable $25 one netting you a pair of Myachi Battle Paddles and one Handsack.  This’ll make a unique Christmas gift for any young child and encourages creative, active play.  Hurry, the chance to be a founding backer of this rad toy and, in essence, pre-order your paddles for the Holidays ends on 11/2!

*OWTK received a sample paddle and Handsack for review consideration.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased.  In fact, I’m in for $25 myself.  These Battle Paddles and Handsacks are a ton o’ fun and one of my nephews or nieces is gonna get ’em this Christmas.  For reals.  See: putting money where mouth is to support indie, non-corporate originality.

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