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Listen to This: Adam Gopnick “Rare Romance, Well-Done Marriage” Moth Podcast

If you’re not already an avid consumer of The Moth podcast, I recommend you become one.  The spoken word series offers a free weekly story that runs somewhere between 15-20 minutes long.  They’re often funny and almost always interesting stories told by a myriad of known and unknown folks.  For a married individual, there’s no better way to start your love affair with The Moth than with Adam Gopnick’s “Rare Romance, Well-Done Marriage”.  This humorous tale of perfectly cooked meat and long-lasting relationships is well worth 18-minutes of your time while on the treadmill or in the car.

Adam Gopnick is a writer for The New Yorker Magazine and a favorite author of mine, having penned the wonderful Paris to the Moon and Through the Children’s Gate, both of which come highly recommended by moi.  Those two books focus on Gopnick and his own family as they moved to Paris from NYC and then back again, but if personal non-fiction humor ain’t your bag (and if it’s not, I guess The Moth podcast might actually not be a good fit for you either), then at least check out his amazing The Steps Across The Water – a brilliantly conceived New York City fantasy novel for young readers, young adults…and their parents.

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