Kid’s TV Review: WordGirl “Whammer Anniversary” Episode Premieres Today

The Whammer

Turns out Becky is NOT the greatest babysitter. In today’s premiere episode of Word Girl Becky is charged with watching her lil’ bro TJ for the first time ever. The occasion? (vocab word!), why it’s the Botsfords wedding anniversary.  The giddy couple manage to tear themselves away from their kids (and from Bob the monkey) to enjoy a super quick 30-minute getaway ’round the corner to the ice cream parlor.  As you might have guessed, things go awry in no time when the Whammer also decides he’s in the mood for ice cream, the most absurd ice cream sundae ever in fact.

The Whammer Anniversary episode is, like the rest of the Word Girl collection, fast-paced, witty & hilarious.  This one is especially fun for us because the Mrs. and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday and especially fun for the Mouse because as the younger sibling she enjoyed that TJ gets to help Word Girl bust up the Whammer’s chilly crime.

Make sure you catch a glimpse (the other vocab word from this episode!) of this premiere Word Girl episode today!

Check local listings on PBS Kids to discover when Word Girl is airing.

*OWTK received an advance screener DVD of this Word Girl episode. The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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