Family Friendly Philly Fringe Fest

Try saying that five times real fast!

I’m going to assume the words family friendly aren’t the first into your mind when you think Fringe Fest or even when you conjure up images of contemporary performance art.  It’s okay.  I don’t blame you.  But this year’s Philadelphia Live Arts & Fringe Festival is out to, if not change, at least soften that perception with a trio of all-age-appropriate offerings over the course of the next two weeks:

The Green Fairy Cabaret

(9/8-9/10 @ Philadelphia School of Circus Arts) – this is the one most intriguing to me and my girls.  I mean, c’mon, there’s ‘fairy’ in the title 😉 how could the Bear and Mouse not gravitate towards it?  But the interest goes a bit deeper thanks to the promise of comedy, juggling and acrobatic feats from the folks at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  Only one daytime family show – Saturday 9/10 @ Noon – so don’t wait on tickets.  We’ll be there too!  [tickets: $20]


(9/15-9/18 @ Merriam Theater) – if our schedule permitted, we’d certainly be on Broad Street for this impressive looking outfit from Montreal called 7 Fingers who fold together dramatic street movements with free running (parkour), skateboarding, tumbling, music and modern dance. Traces looks so unbelievably cool! [tickets $20-$55]

Elephant Room

(9/2-9/17 @ Plays and Players Theater) – an hour of magic and illusion from a trio of conjurers that is recommended for those ages 10+. [tickets: $25]

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