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ONE TRACK MIND: John Wesley Harding “Sing Your Own Song” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

What’s this? JWH has moved on from “singing editorials” to making music for tiny tots?

No, not quite. But the 1st single from his forthcoming album “Sound Of His Own Voice” (due Oct. 11th from Yep Rec Records) does cover common parental talking points: individuality, self-confidence, and doing what you like / liking what you do.  The 1st verse is Harding as a young buck just starting to write rhymes.  The 2nd is the veteran songwriter as father, singing to and about his 4-year old daughter and her penchant for penning gibberish – yet totally adorable – tunes.

“Sing Your Own Song” shares its title with the closing ballad from the fantastic, and much adored by the OWTK girls, off-Broadway musical Dear Edwina.  This, like that, is lovely. And it’s free.  Grab this free John Wesley Harding download below, then do what I did: share it and sing it with your oft-embarrassed and sometimes self-discouraging young songstress!

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