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Kid’s Book Review: Marty McGuire

by Kate Messner
Illustrations by Brian Floca

It’s no secret I’m not into princess culture.  Neither is the precocious 3rd grade girl Marty McGuire.  But when Annie, her best crayfish-catching bud, strays to the dark, er, pink side and when her confidence, energy, and strong voice lands her the princess lead in a school play, Marty must discover for herself that one’s personality can be diverse and that improvisation is the key to a happy, interesting life.  This is as true at 8-years old as it is at 80.

The path to this discovery is fast-paced, wit-filled and, in a single word, incredibly brilliant.  Wait, that’s two words.  Please forgive my enthusiasm.  Kate Messner’s debut Marty McGuire chapter book (the 2nd, Digs Worms!, is due in February 2012) for kids ages 6-9 breaths fresh air into a modern kid culture that casts boys as goofy and brutish instead of clever and witty, and rarely allows for girls to be peed upon by a frog…let alone be unfazed by it!

There were times during my reading aloud of Marty McGuire that my girls, ages 4 and 7, were rolling around on the bed gut-laughing, mostly at the riotously funny improvisational statue garden chapter.

Because there are enough strong male characters – Marty’s classmates – along with one hilarious raccoon, Marty McGuire is required reading for pre-tween girls and boys alike.

*We got this one from the library.  The opinions are, naturally, my own and honest.

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