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Drop-Side Baby Cribs Hit The Curb

Maybe you don’t know this. Maybe you should.

Drop-side cribs, those bastions of convenience that allowed for easy delivery of sleeping infants to their firm mattresses without a step stool (for average-sized parents) or wrecking your back (for bigger folk, like me), have been banned. Outlawed. Recalled. You get the idea. Interestingly enough, this extends to the secondary market as well, as per the Consumer Safety wing of the federal government and my mom, who is the one who alerted me of this new law as I was about to pawn our old drop-side crib on Craigslist.  There goes that $50.

Instead, here it lays – save for the back which can double as a full-sized bed’s headboard – at the curb for bulk trash pickup tomorrow A.M.

Personally, I never found the thing unsafe. Not even close.  But now all cribs must have solid, unmoving pieces.  Grab your stools or your Advil.

Read the full drop-side crib product recall announcement here.

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