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ONE TRACK MIND: Poochamungas “Poochamungas”


I love self-titled songs. Not albums mind you, that’s kinda annoying, but naming a song after your band, or vice versa…well, that’s kinda badass.

Poochamungas, an Americana rock-n-roll outfit from the 2nd city rocks a clean electric guitar and a jumpy piano on their canine-centric self-titled track from their brilliantly named kindie debut “Mud, Mommies, and Mayhem” (see, not self-titled…niiiiice!).  The fuzzy cymbal crashes fail to shine in the mix, but the tune is still a perky one. This is especially true in the final third during the sing-along.  It’s at this point the strange name begins to make some sense.

And while I’m not anti-pooch, I am apologetically a cat guy. So it takes something a little special for me to get into a dog song.  Whatever that is, Poochamungas – the band and the tune – done did it.

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