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iPad App for Kids Review: Princess Arabella Wants To Play

The Princess Arabella Wants To Play iPad storybook app, based on the books by Mylo Freeman, is a captivating long-form story complimented by bold watercolor paintings that’s as engrossing as any traditional children’s book we’ve read recently. That there is some subtle interaction – shake the device and tree monkeys drop bananas, touch the screen to hear elephants roar/stuffed animals squeak – makes Princess Arabella Wants To Play that much more endearing to young children and their adoring grown-ups.

I particularly enjoyed the accent, inflection, and pace of the male narrator.  He lends a casual, Merchant Ivory quality to the work which adds an air of relaxed majesty to this royal tale.  Also grand is the option to view more or less text on the screen per page.  The less text, the larger the art and vice versa.  A nice touch that I haven’t seen before in a kid’s storybook app.

Princess Arabella Wants To Play for iPad is well worth the reasonable $1.99 pricetag.  You’re getting a complete story (available in English, Dutch, German or French – all within the single iPad app) that if in hardback at your local bookseller would run you $16.99, at least.  There is also an iPhone version for 1/2 the price sold individuality by language.  Here’s the English version.

*OWTK received a download of the iPad app for review consideration.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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