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The Bear has asked that we turn the final 5+ weeks of summer into CAMP DADDY.

CAMP DADDY will have a new theme each week:

  • HAWAII (yes, these two are different)

There will be activities, and new name tags created each week decorated along thematic lines, as well as snacks that relate (Pirate’s Booty for Pirate Week, Pineapple for Hawaii, and so on).  Now, this probably sounds like a ton of fun and maybe it will be, but you know what else it is?  A ton of work.  For me.

Still, I’m on board 100% because Bear & Mouse are flipping-out-excited about this stuff.  I even made a graphic today for CAMP DADDY (above. duh.) and a high level daily schedule.

After I made the image up there, the Bear says: “wait, I thought it was ‘Daddy Camp'”.  What followed was 5 minutes of me explaining why word placement is so very important.  I told her that if she was correct, she’d spend the next 37 days learning how to become a father, a skill she surely will not get much use out of in life.  And that surely would result in MORE work for me.

Feel free to use that graphic (or the CAMP MOMMY one I whipped up for you ladies) and this schedule (below), if they might be of some help to you and yours.


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