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Watch This: The Not-Its! “First Kid In Outer Space” Video

If you’re a kid’s musician set to make a video in 2011, god bless ya. Between The Pop Ups, The Okee Dokee Brothers, Princess Katie & Racer Steve, and Renee & Jeremy (and those are just the ones within the past month!) the bar has been set so damn high…I mean, here are The Not-Its! on the f**king moon!

The only downer about this vid is someone musta slipped guitarist and singer Danny Adamson a cup of decaf before yelling “action!”. I’ve never seen the dude that subdued.

Enjoy the video for “First Kid In Outer Space”, the best song from the Seattle band’s sophomore album, then get yo self excited about their 3rd, due next month – the cover art of which I’ve already deemed the best of ’11:

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