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ONE TRACK MIND x 2: The Fuzzy Lemons “Rough and Tumble” & “Uh Oh!”


A little bit sea shanty, a whole lotta fun.  The Fuzzy Lemons’ ode to boyhood (albeit a stereotypical one) is a superb romp a la Dean Jones/Felice Brothers “Rock Paper Scissors”.  Having only two girls, “Rough and Tumble” (video below) shouldn’t be so enjoyable for me but from the clanking of drum sticks at the open and continuing straight through the mud, hammers, superhero capes, and stomping feet I simply can’t get enough.  It’s almost enough to make me wish I had a boy of my own…no, no it isn’t. Hand me my Kingly bedazzled wand please. Ever the feminist, the Mrs. has the girls sing this as “I’m a girl and I’m rough and tumble” as the march around the family room kicking over dolls and pillows. That works too!

Uh Oh!“, the album’s 2nd track is equally wonderful and destruction-centric. The Princess Katie & Racer Steve meets The Not-Its! power pop tune about raising a ruckus then fearing Mom’s wrath is an experience every kid – boy or girl – (and dad) is familiar with, for sure.  The track works because it sounds as if its focused on singular incidents and the immediacy of the “Uh Oh!” emotion that followed. The energy of the bouncy chorus puts the listener square in the middle of the hurried clean-up. The Fuzzy Lemons “Uh Oh!” is a great kid’s song.

Three words: Dish Pan Hat. Love it! Enjoy “Rough and Rumble” (live) from The Fuzzy Lemons:

So why am I reviewing two songs and not the whole album? Well, I’m not totally fond of the bulk of the tracks on “To The Moon”, but these two at the top of the disc are more than fantastic and show that this NJ-based band has serious promise. Download “Rough and Tumble” and “Oh Oh!” right now. There’s no way you and your kids won’t love ’em both. I promise.

*OWTK received a copy of The Fuzzy Lemons’ “To The Moon” for review considerations. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.

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