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Kid’s Game Review: City Square Off

from Gamewright Games

Save for that old Nintendo Ice Hockey game – the one where you’d select from a cast of:  Fast skinny dude, Chubby guy with a cannon for a shot and the average-sized fella who was, well, average at everything) – I wasn’t much of a video game player as a kid. There was one other exception though, the Angry Birds of it’s day: Tetris.  Much like the way millions now see plump red birds in their dreams, I’d see falling blocks.

Gamewright replaces the vertical world of Tetris with strategic tabletop gameplay and has itself a big winner.  Think of City Square Off as Tetris for future city planners.  With a pair of matching game boards, identical pieces in two colors, and four city centers to choose from and start with, you and your opponent draw cards and each play the same game piece at the same time.  The first one who can no longer build within the confines of the squared metropolis loses. It’s all about thinking quickly and seeing your board as a blueprint.

City Square Off can be enjoyed by just about anyone – the Bear & Mouse square off, and the Mrs. and I do battle sans children – and is best played fast. Each game takes no more than 10 minutes to complete making it just as perfect right before bed as it is for birthday party fun.

*OWTK received a sample of City Square Off for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and un-biased.

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