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Kid’s Concert Recap: Dan Zanes & Friends at Sesame Place

A Dan Zanes & Friends concert is always a high-quality event and today’s outdoor amusement park setting did nothing but aid the insta-party vibe Zanes goes for and achieves at a remarkable rate.

Like the 2nd Justin Roberts show we saw at Sesame Place last month, the 11:30am Zanes set (his 1st of 3 today) seemed to be tailored just for us: “Let’s Shake”, “Wonder Wheel”, “Pay Me My Money Down”, “Catch That Train”, “All Around the Kitchen”, “Tennessee Wig Walk”. 

My girls know the final tune of that lot from Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem’s glorious kindie debut “Ranky Tanky” but we weren’t going to complain!  Zanes’ version upped the tempo and, the dancing.  The Mrs. and the Bear did plenty of wiggling and waggling a la baby duck.

Dan Zanes & Friends will be partying at Sesame Place tomorrow too, another 3 concerts in the Rock Monster Theater – the sun will be a shinin’ and hips a shakin’.  More info on bringing your family to Sesame World (as the Mouse calls it), here.

Scenes from today’s 11:30am performance of Dan Zanes & Friends live at Sesame Place, June 4 2011

*OWTK was provided 1-day admission passes to Sesame Place today. The opinions above are unbiased and honest. We had a great time on the rides – wet and dry – and hearing Zanes & Friends.

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