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Cookies For Breakfast

When is it okay to give your kid a cookie for breakfast?  When the primary ingredient of the cookie is a vegetable, that’s when.

The Bear’s end-of-year performance in her 1st grade classroom was recreating scenes from Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, a Zimbabwean tale that was part of the school’s Cinderella-across-the-world reading and cultural program this Spring.  She wrote a pair of original lines to say during the in-class show, wore flowing white garb with a string of beads across her brow, and I baked these cookies.  Not my usual, jaw-droppingly delicious chocolate chip cookies, but a traditional sweet treat from the African nation of Zimbabwe – the primary ingredients of which are raw sweet potatoes and lemon zest.  Much to my surprise and delight, the gaggle of 7-year-old kids ate ’em up!

This morning the Mouse had a leftover cookie for breakfast and I didn’t even blink.  Not a great habit to get into – cookies for breakfast and all – but as a way of getting some sweet potatoes in her, a veggie she dislikes on her dinner plate, I’m more than okay with it.

The Zimbabwe cookies are easy to make and, obviously, quite yummy.  Try ’em for yourselves!

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