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Sorry Bill Harley, But It Was A Great 5 Years

It took half a decade.

Bill Harley’s sleepytime story masterpiece Town Around the Bend has been the Bear’s ‘lullaby’ album of choice since toddlehood. Every single night of her life, she’d fall asleep hearing about Bucket of Beans & Clarise, Picklopolis and laughs leaking out through your belly button (yeah, I’ve still got no idea why she’s such an odd, interesting kid).  Every single night until last night.

Enter Magic Tree House The Musical Cast Recording: Annie & Jack sing, dance (we suppose – it is only audio after all) and come alive in King Arthur’s Camelot.

As you can imagine, a metric ton of physical music passes through our hands, CD players and ears.  Despite the hundreds of discs she’s heard and enjoyed, nothing has forced Harley from his rightful place on the Bear’s nightstand before Magic Tree House.

Sorry Bill Harley.  We adore you still, but it seems it’s time for something else magical and enchanting to help the Bear drift off to la-la land.

Got a Magic Tree House nut in your house who is also a fan of musical theater? Welcome to her new obsession.

*Also check the fun Magic Tree House online game.

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