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ONE TRACK MIND: Fuzzy Lollipop “I Love You When…”


A piano intro made for Broadway, barber shop quartet-style backup vocals, and a swoon-worthy trumpet solo.

The musically sophisticated “I Love You When…” from the Hudson Valley, NY quintet Fuzzy Lollipop’s debut album “Sweet!” is reminiscent of Sandra Boynton’s work when put to music. It too sounds like a sweetly humorous board book come to life.

This song isn’t super clever, whip-smart, or hip.  Instead, “I Love You When…” is an honest ode to parenting that’ll resonate with any grown up who’s ever found themselves cutting gum out of a little head of hair or who has gleefully packed a fussy baby’s bag for grandmom’s house. Yeah kids are great, but they can be a royal pain too. “I Love You When…” successfully addresses the latter while never forgetting the former.

My girls prefer “Everyone Dance Around”, the action-oriented instructional tune that follows, but it’s “I Love You When…” that’ll impress and draw chuckles, and maybe a tear or a least a tiny snort, from the elders in your household.

Listen, love, and purchase:

*OWTK received a copy of “Sweet!” for review consideration.  The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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