Kid’s TV Review: Word Girl Mother’s Day Episodes

Whether your kiddo is a longtime fan or you’re just coming into Word Girl’s world (try saying that 100 times real fast.  Actually, saying anything 100 times real fast is probably daunting).  Us? We are sorta in-between those two choices.  Regardless of what Word Girl experience you bring to the table, tomorrow’s episode is gonna please any and all.  In fact, there’s one zinger I just cannot stop repeating.  Read on…

Word Girl is a vocab-building romp with a superhero backdrop.  There’s also a monkey named Captain Huggy Face.  Now you know.

The mid-stream definitions and vocabulary development make sense within the framework of the arc of each story and work seamlessly inside the natural flow of the dialogue.  If this wasn’t true the show would be unbearable dreck.  As it is, Word Girl is a witty, fast-paced riot that’s got a nifty little educational component presented in a ridiculously clever way.

Okay, so this new episode, #312 (which contains two 12-minute shows):

“Meat-Life Crisis”, the 1st, is laugh-out loud funny. The butcher, the baker and…no wait that’s not it at all.  The city butcher is a villian (do I sense some vegetarian talent behind this show?) who after another foiled bank robbery, attempts to walk the straight and narrow.  This takes him into food vending at a baseball game featuring a bullpen baseball cart that any fan of mid-80’s MLB will appreciate, and the line the Bear, Mouse and I cannot stop quoting at each other: “What’s with you and the butcher?”  So quick-witted, so simple, so dry and so hilarious.  You’ve gotta watch this one!

The 2nd is for Mother’s Day, in that it involves a mother, well, an evil robot mum.  “Mobot Knows Best” has the school kids, Betty aka Word Girl included, fretting about parent-teacher conferences. It’s slightly less charming than the meat-themed episode but still adorable and, most of all, funny.

Find your local PBS station and the Word Girl broadcast times here.

For Amazon Prime and Netflix peeps, enjoy the entire 1st season of Word Girl (Tricks & Treats – 8 episodes) instantly on your laptop or WiFi enabled viewing device (you know, TVs).  You can also watch full episodes on the PBS Kids Word Girl site – where there’s also games, character bios, etc. Golly, that’s a lot of viewing choices – stay strong!

If you’re not the TV-type, your kiddo can still experience Word Girl.  Lookee – books!  And yeah, I’ve decided to link to one starring the butcher…what’s with me and the butcher?

*OWTK received a screener DVD of these Word Girl episodes for review consideration.  The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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