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A Beautiful Birthday Day

I’ve spent much of the past week fretting about my fatherly shortcomings as they relate to my youngest girl turning 4-years old. I spoke a bit here about our inability to schedule a party and my absentmindedness which resulted in no Lowly Worm cake (her one b-day request).

Turns out none of that meant anything at all. Zilch.

The Mouse had a great day, starting with the Bear writing her a song at the breakfast table.  ‘Twas a sweet one verse ditty that she actually wrote out on paper then let me record her singing.  And the weather helped. What was to be a too-hot day became a warm, sunny and wonderfully breezy Saturday in southeastern Pennsylvania.

She loves nice weather because two of the Mouse’s favorite things to do are 1) water play and 2) eating outside.  As such, I filled up her water play table and hooked up the sprinkler.  Five minutes after the girls came home from the farmer’s market they were both in their bathing suits, splashing, laughing and enjoying the backyard’s great joys.  While the girls played I grilled – burgers, shrimp, asparagus – and chatting with my folks.   We all partook (is that the 2nd time this week I used that word?) a double dip of treatilicious goodness: an 1/8 sliver of birthday sheet cake divided up nicely with fresh berries after lunch.  After dinner (wait, that WAS dinner) we dined on an al fresco sundae bar with all the fixins.

**Adorableness alert**

Before nap, the Mouse lovingly told the Mrs. and I that her favorite part of her birthday was having her Mom mom and Pop pop over for lunch.  They brought her a sensible gift bag stuffed full of mini-gardening supplies, a ladybug habitat and a cute lil’ outdoor adventure flashlight.  She was over the moon, and immediately got to work watering the Mrs. pots with liquid nourishment from her play table.  But she made it clear that it was them, not their gifts, that was the highlight.  I think I’m doing something right as a dad.

My favorite part of the day was the Philadelphia Union finally finding an offense in Toronto and then FC Barcelona being crowned Champions of European soccer in London.

And just now, right before bed, the fireflies made their presence known for the first time this year.

Like I said, a great day indeed.

How about something totally new here on OWTK?   This is the 1st time ever that one of our voices has been heard.  It won’t be the last.  Consider yourself warned.  The Mouse, um, composed, this number and I added hideous piano.  Still, it’s funny and it’s her birthday.  So enjoy The Mouse’s “Blah Blah” Song: 
Mouse’s Blah Blah Song by OWTK

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