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ONE TRACK MIND: Ethan Rossiter and The Hartwells “Duck in the Muck”


When Ethan Rossiter and The Hartwells’ “Double Barrel Popsicle” CD arrived I quickly noticed two things that made me smile:

  1. The brilliant cover art (see above)
  2. Track #4, “Duck in the Muck” (see below)

When the Bear was young, er younger than 7 – something like 2 or 3 – one of her favorite books to hear the Mrs. and I read out loud was One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root and Jane Chapman.  It’s a counting book, a cute one at that, but not unlike many others of the genre.  In this one a series of animals, 1-10, attempt to help a duck get unstuck (from the muck, if you hadn’t already guessed it).  It’s good fun but got tiresome after, say, 200 reads.

We haven’t heard it hundreds of times yet, but Ethan Rossiter’s musical version of the story isn’t likely to get tired.  In fact, it’s gotten better with every spin so far.

“Duck in the Muck” is a Neil Young-ish acoustic romp with a delicately vulnerable chorus so damn catchy you might just wake up singing it (as the Mrs. did yesterday).  Note: if your spouse or child start the day by crooning “help, help / who can help me now?” you might be alarmed at first but you’ll quickly get used to it…and begin to reply “we can / we can!”.

Listen, Love & Buy:

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