Kid’s Movie Mini Review: Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D


Born To Be Wild in IMAX 3D is a touching document of love, life and, well, death (those last two do walk arm-in-arm, no?).  Fear not parental units, this story of devotion, purpose and maxed-out adorable animal cuteness is a supremely happy one.  The action in Born To Be Wild 3D mirrors the human experience and the emotion, anxiety and heartache of parenthood.  It matters not if your child swings from trees or prefers man-made monkey bars, our young need us for only so long before we must set them free into the wild where they belong, where they can flourish.

The Bear, my 7-year old who’d be scared of her own shadow if it was projected onto a giant IMAX movie screen, enjoyed all 40-minutes of Born To Be Wild 3D.  There is talk of death and poaching, as those are factors in the lives of elephants and other animals in the wild, but the message here is beautiful and visually it’s as lovely a time as you’ll have at the movies with your entire family.

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