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J. Crew’s Pink Nail Polish Is Tearing Apart The Fabric Of Our Nation (or Something)

As a concerned parent and citizen I simply cannot remain silent about the J. Crew pink nail polish – neon at that, gasp! – controversy any longer. The more that the insidious liberal media is able to infiltrate our families the less likely our boys will be to grow into the oafish, gay-bashing, sex obsessed, beer chugging, womanizing men they are destined to become, and our precious little princesses will be unable to assume their role of beauty-obsessed, man-pleasing bimbettes with little to offer the world save for what is on their chest and between their legs.

*Nevermind that until the 1940’s, pink was a “boy” color because of it’s relative strength (as a derivative of red) and blue was more dainty because of it’s association with the Virgin Mary.

*Nevermind that children are bombarded everyday with images and sounds that are actually detrimental to their upbringing.

*Nevermind all of that because when it comes to gender roles, playtime, and the sexuality of our children we must not veer of the path.

Order must be restored.

So please let’s not allow such a disgrace to distract us from raising our children properly.

Thank you.

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