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The 2011 KidVid Tournament Starts Tomorrow on OWTK

There’s no play in-game or bubble controversy in this tournament.  Just dancing, madness and a glass-slippered Cinderella.

Stefan from Zooglobble – with an assist from Dave at the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl and hundreds of kid’s music fans who cast their vote earlier this week – has compiled the sweetest 16 kid’s music videos of the past 12 months.

The 16 have been seeded and will face off NCAA basketball bracket-style.  Over the course of the next few weeks, you the fans will decide who moves forward and who goes, um, home to YouTube.  You might not want your children filling out NCAA brackets, but it is totally encouraged to have your little ones get involved in this tournament by casting a vote for their favorite music videos.  But please, only 1 vote person.

The 2011 KidVid Tournament starts tomorrow (Friday March 18th) and OWTK is hosting the 1st two matchups.  There will be 2 more kid’s video elimination matches on Saturday over at Ages 3 and Up, then a pair each on Gooney Bird Kids and Spare the Rock on Monday and Tuesday respectively.  The 2nd round will begin next weekend.  The Final Four will battle it out on Zooglobble in early April.

So dance on back to OWTK bright & early tomorrow morning to view & vote for your favorite kid’s videos.

Let the Madness begin!

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