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One Track Mind: Jamie Broza “Waters of March” (Antonio Carlos Jobim Cover)

photo credit: Oliver Lawrence

Jamie & Carmen Broza “Waters of March”

A daddy/daughter duet is kinda hard for me not to love, especially when there’s a lovely visual presentation to go with it. This one with Broza and his now-tween girl facing each other while singing a gorgeous Jobim bossa as a candle flickers in the foreground is 120% charming in video format.  Add in adorable camcorder footage of a younger Carmen and it’s a rare snuggle-up-with-YouTube moment for me and my two girls.

You don’t need a video to love this gentle bossa nova song, but damn it’s good and will tug at your heart. Seems Carmen’s attempt to nail her lines as an 8-year old ended in tears (I can TOTALLY understand that). She returned a year later to finish her vocal track. There are simple embellishments – flowing water, a truckload of bricks, a soaring stone, a hawk – that accompany the lyrics and generally add to the casual nature of this delightful Springtime song. The Latin, bossa vibe flows through the entirety of “I Want A Dog”, the album this tune calls home.

Enjoy “Waters of March” by Jamie & Carmen Broza:

The Brozas “Waters of March” video is currently on the bubble for Zooglobble’s 2011 KidVid Tournament. Head over to Dave Loftin’s Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl site to vote for it and other contenders.

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