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Next Up: The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards

The Grammy hubbub has died down now, but lest you think Award season is over!

The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards also feature a couple of Children’s categories (album & song) and several of the nominees should be familiar to OWTK loyalists.

You don’t have a say in the outcome of the Grammys (unless you do, in which case you can ignore that statement), but everyone can vote in the Independent Music Awards (handy dandy links below).

Of the albums nominated in the Children’s Music category, three have been reviewed here on OWTK (as compared to only two of the ten Children’s Grammy Nominees, hmmm…) and of the five tracks up for Best Children’s Song, OWTK has featured two of the albums where the tunes originate.  Take a looksee:


  • Flannery Brothers “New Explorers Club”
  • Oran Etkin “Wake Up, Clarinet”
  • Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies
  • Andrew & Polly “Up and At ‘Em”
  • The Monkey Bunch “Power to the Little People”


  • Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights “More Cowbell”
  • Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family “Don’t I Fit In My Daddy’s Shoes?”
  • Once Upon An Opera “The Wolf Is Bad”
  • Leeny and Tamara “Ladybug, Ladybug, Ladybu-u-ug”
  • Andrew & Polly “When You’re a Dog”

Let yer voice be heard!

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