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LEGO @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

In 2011 LEGO will look to improve upon the tremendous market share gained in ’10 in the board game category.  That’s right, board games.  If you spent last year inside a dark, dark cave you may not know that the famous construction toy brand entered the board game market.  You most certainly didn’t know (I didn’t until two weeks ago) that not only do they make board games, but that LEGO now holds over 12.5% of the U.S. board game market.  Why is this significant, you ask?  Consider that the classic building brick company made their 1st move in the board game game with just 10 initial offerings.  That’s a HUUUUUGE grab in your 1st year in the category with just 10 games on your slate.  LEGO’s entrance into the game aisle is no fluke and no one-off either (much to the chagrin of other board game makers, I’m sure!).

This year will see 10 new construction-based board games, including Family Lego Challenge (looks super! more on this one below) and HEROICA games that can be played separately and also combined to form a massive gameboard.  Yeah, pretty awesome.

I’m calling it here & now: LEGO will own exactly 17.4% of America’s board game market at the end of ’11.  What do I get if I’m correct?

Other fun things in store for LEGO in 2011:

  • Ninjas + LEGO = NINJAGO, which is sure to be a can’t miss toy!  There’ll be a Ninjago construction board game as well (I told you the gaming was no joke to LEGO).

  • LEGO BATTLES NINJAGO NINTENDO DS GAME – Get your kids excited about their current DS with this fun Ninja Lego game. Maybe this’ll keep them from begging constantly for the $250 Nintendo DS3D system.  Maybe.
  • DUPLO JAMS – the preschool bigger-block version of LEGO will bring original kid’s music into the fold this year with DUPLO JAMS.  The tunes will be offered as monthly free downloads via the LEGO Official Multimedia Station Podcast (subscribe for free here).  The 1st single – a brit-pop inspired alphabet-building song – is quite good.  Download “Build with Letters” for free on iTunes here. (To make finding and listening to these JAMS easier, make an iTunes Smart Playlist by using ‘Name’ – ‘Contains’ – ‘Duplo’ and voila! future songs will be added automatically after you subscribe to the podcast).

  • CARS 2 – LEGO has the license for the sequel to the massively popular Disney Pixar flick CARS.  The new CARS LEGO toys are snazzy and sure to please if your kiddo is into Lightening McQueen and pals.

  • LEGO CHAMPION BOARD GAME – the track is built as you race your friends and family to the finish line by solving building challenges.  Winner takes home the hilariously named Championary Trophy (included…and adorably tiny).

  • BOARD GAMES for Younger Kids – a pair of smaller, more modest games will be introduced for ages 6+.  UFO Attack and Banana Balance are both low-price point ($9.99) options to introduce early-grade children to the construction board game trend.

  • DUPLO WINNIE THE POOH – The new Winnie’s House ($29.99) features the famous Mr. Sanders nameplate above the door, a sweet little slide for Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore (all included), and a table w/ chairs and a pair of honey pots.  Quite a charming set for preschoolers.

*OWTK received a LEGO goodie bag that contained a couple of gift cards, note pads and some classic LEGO building bricks. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true.

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