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Kid’s Book Review: Press Here

It’s 2011.  Our electronic gadgetry responds to taps, swipes, sounds, and breath.  The notion that a book – a flat, relatively non-interactive form of media – could approximate such feats of wonder seems damn near impossible.  It’s not.

The tag line on the new book from Herve Tullet should read: Just Add Imagination.  Using nothing more than colorful dots, Press Here demands that children get a bit playful at storytime.  Kids are asked to rub gently, push hard, blow, shake and tilt the sleek, square white hardback book.  What happens next will delight children from 2-8 as well as those from 8-108 providing their imagination is strong and willing. Kids can’t turn the pages fast enough, which is amazing because there isn’t a plot or a single character to be had.

Check out the trailer for Press Here:

The ending prompts for additional reads and much to my surprise Press Here holds up to it, even after the gimmick is discovered.  Both of my girls wanted to immediately give it another go and then again for a 3rd time a couple hours later when the Mrs. arrived home from work.

Buy Press Here for your kids and see jaws drop open a bit, eyes get wide and hear lots of giggles.  Not bad for a plain old book, huh?

*I’m not knocking technology here, we love our apps and all.  In fact, Press Here would translate beautifully into an iPad/iPhone application.  All that wonderment would hold up well on any fancy pants device.

*OWTK received a copy of Press Here for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true. No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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