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OWTK’s Helpful Ideas – #2

OWTK Helpful Idea #2 – Donating Free Food

While not entirely snobbish, we in the OWTK household are rather particular about the brands of food we purchase and consume.  A couple of area supermarkets, Wegmans most notably, have been for the past few months, distributing coupon booklets that net loyal shoppers a variety of free food stuffs every week with a mere $10 purchase.  Buying organic milk for a family of 4 diary lovers makes spending $10 a week pretty darn easy and as such, I’ve been hoarding store-brand mac-n-cheese, mayo, pasta sauce, tuna fish, and the like.

The donation shelf of the OWTK pantry.

We’re not going to use this stuff, but there’s no way I’m letting Wegmans off the hook.  I take the freebies and collect them on the bottom shelf of our pantry.  There they mingle with Mrs. Stand Mixer and Sir Dutch Oven while awaiting a permanent home.  Once I’ve amassed a dozen or so items, I make a donation to local charities that distribute non-perishable food to families in need.  Fortunately for me, this requires only a phone call to a neighborhood resident with ties to such an organization.

If your local grocery store or supermarket has a similar program, consider taking advantage of it even if some of the items are of no use to you and your clan.  There are most definitely families in your area that would love a bag of pretzel rods and a jar of roasted turkey gravy.

It’s easy, it’s free, and it helps to make the world a little bit better a place.

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