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Meet the Mouse – A Quick & Funny Story

The Bear has gotten a lot of ink – both digital here on OWTK and in the pages of Time Out New York Kids Magazine (she co-authored two articles with me last year).  It’s time you meet the Mouse.  Here’s a quick, funny story from, and about, my youngest daughter.

While I was in L.A. for the Grammy Awards, the Mrs. sent me the below story in an email.  I felt a buzz in my pants (whoa!) and quickly read this while eating lunch.  I nearly spit ice water across the table at Alisha Gaddis of Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam.  Golly that would have been embarrassing…but no one who reads this could’ve ever blamed me.

Mouse & I were just reading a book called Saucy, about a dog who has puppies under an old chicken house in a field. The family goes to look for her & they have to pull up the floorboards to get to the puppies.

Mouse says to me “would there be puppies under OUR floor?” After I told her that we don’t have a space under our house for a dog to be, she says “but if we lived in an old chicken house, would we have puppies under there?” When I said, we don’t have a dog though, she said “well, if we lived in a old chicken house, & we had a dog, would there be puppies under there?”

Funny, no?  That’s pretty much my Mouse in two paragraphs.

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