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Watch This: Debbie & Friends “Cinderella” Video

The Disney Corporation has forever stained the ancient folk tale of Cinderella for us. That said, this new Debbie & Friends animated video for the glass-slippered-one – with a mob boss fairy godfather, a couple “Bada Bings”, a peppy back beat, and an alternate ending – is pretty darn enjoyable.

Enjoy “Cinderella” by Debbie & Friends:

…and a special Happy Birthday (1/26) to D&F front woman Debbie Cavalier!

*For those with princess-loving little ladies in their lives, may I suggest this fantastical glittering guidebook to being all princess-like.  Other than the bit about laughing demurely (both Mary Poppins and I dislike this idea), it’s a wonderful book about etiquette, health, hair & more.  My girls love this book and all it’s flaps and surprises. Let it never be said that I suppress the princess dream ’round here.

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