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iPhone App for Kids Review: Alzebra

It’s easy to appreciate a math game that can be played by both my 6-year old and her 3 1/2-year old sis.  Alzebra, a new iPhone app for kids, features games centered around early math ideas – sequencing, sorting, shapes – that help the Mouse learn and entertain the Bear, all while reinforcing some of the more basic lessons taught in her 1st grade classroom.

The Alzebra app contains 5 individual games, the best of which is Number Strike.  Your child must complete simple number sequences by flicking a ball at the correct digit as it (and a bunch of incorrect answers) moves right to left.  It’s tabletop shuffleboard mixed with early math.  Very fun.

I get such a kick out of math and math concepts. It’s my favorite thing to teach the girls. Alzebra makes these basic math ideas super fun and totally palatable for even reluctant learners.  Oh, and don’t be intimidated by the near-Algebra name, this is timid stuff your young children won’t need a fancy calculator to play and enjoy.

Alzebra is best suited for children in preschool and kindergarten.

Download the Alzebra iPhone app today for $.99.

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