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Kid’s Comic Book Review: Scratch9 Issue #1

by Rob M. Worley
Illustrations by Jason T. Kruse

I wasn’t a comic book kid.  I’m not a comic book guy.  Scratch9 may change that.

This brand new all-ages comic book series centers around a house cat, a no-good scientist, past lives, and a determined young girl named Penelope.  Scratch9 is a mash-up of Scott Pilgrim, Frankenstein and Bolt (if Bolt was, you know, a cat). The text, most of which comes from the mouth’s of animals, is smooth and quick-witted; the illustrations, bold and sharp.

I read issue #1 alone, choosing not to share the comic fun with the Bear or the Mouse. While a 6-year-old kid is directly in Scratch9’s wheelhouse, my 6-year ain’t.  The Bear cowers during Milo & Otis.  She isn’t even close to prepared for evil Doctors, pets in prison, and any character (especially a cute, domesticated feline) in peril.

Regardless of my own child’s ability to enjoy the uber-cool Scratch9, many kids will fall hard for the fast-paced adventure.  If you love comics already, then by all means dig in.  If your path, like mine, never took you through this world – give Scratch9 a shot.  You too might be surprised with how much you like it.

See & read the 1st 8 pages of Scratch9 #1 here.

*Issue #1 is already sold out in print, but #2 is available and the final two installments will be delivered before the end of 2010.  Check with your local comic book store.  Note: Scratch9 #1 can be had digitally via the free Comics+ iPhone/iPad app.

The cover of Scratch9 #3 (out this month) is so freakin’ awesome:

In case you can’t tell…I’m fully on board and can’t wait to read issues 2-4.

*A copy of Scratch9 #1 was sent to OWTK for review.  The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.  No arm-twisting took place during the review process.

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