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Kid’s Book Review: The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide

The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide
by Andi Green

As with her previous work, but even more so in The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide, there exists a gentle cadence to Andi Green-penned text. Like canoeing lazily down a river, Green’s prose is extremely comforting because she doesn’t set out to awe you with it – that is, after all, the job assigned to her genius illustrations.  The story of The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide moves along with just enough gusto to hold your child’s attention and keep to you both flipping pages.

What makes this tale of crippling indecision stand out from the first three WorryWoo books is the nifty use of the other monsters. In fact, intentional or not, there’s been a gradual buildup in the amount of interaction and activity, involving both the other Woos (Rue, Nola, Squeak) and additional characters.  It’s a great decision, both from a story telling and brand identification standpoint, and makes my girls want to re-read the other Woo books.

In The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide we see Fuddle strutting around a colorful town filled with curious shops, cafes, and numerous buddies, all of whom are available for playdates.  Her problem is not being able to pick one (hat, muffin, friend), pick anything really, for fear of making a mistake and missing out on something even better. I think a lot of people live and parent this way; they go to every party, enroll their child in every sport, and say yes to everything for fear of missing out or having their kid miss out on “the best thing”.  That’s both the opposite and the exact same as Fuddle’s scenario.

With The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide, Andi Green’s prowess as children’s book illustrator and author continues to grow – her storytelling skill is a bit stronger and her radiant illustrations once again spring from the page.

Pick up a copy of the book and/or a plush Fuddle doll here.

*A 1st edition copy of The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide & a plush Fuddle doll was provided to OWTK for review consideration.  The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.  No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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