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Trick or Kindie Treat – Free Kid’s Music as Halloween Goodie

Love it, love it, love it.

I absolutely love the idea of a free song download card as Halloween treat.  The Boston-based toddler rock outfit Debbie and Friends have smashed a home run with this idea.

I’ve printed the band’s free song download cards and will be stapling/taping one to each Clif Kid Organic Spooky S’Mores Z Bar and bag of faux Silly Bands that we are giving out for Halloween this year.

Get your free, printable song download cards from Debbie and Friends here. It’ll cost ya just a little printer ink!

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  2. It is a cool idea — I really gushed over it when SteveSongs did in back in 2008 🙂

  3. I figured it’d likely been done before, and properly covered somewhere, but I was WAY too lazy this weekend to go searching around. Thanks for the link!

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