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ONE TRACK MIND: The Squeegees “Rules of the Road”


Going on the theory that it’s never too early to prep your children for their driver’s exam, The Squeegees “Rules of the Road” presents the basics of vehicular etiquette (“yellow yellow yellow means slow slow slow”) alongside some less common (but just as important) DO’s and DON’Ts when behind the wheel; “don’t drive fast / but not too slow (emphasis added by me) / never stop suddenly / go with the flow”.

That last piece of advice also comes in handy when departing escalators, revolving doors and anywhere else sudden unexpected halts in movement could cause those behind you (most notably, ME) to lose their marbles. This rule of the road goes for parents as well as their unobservant children: you’re not the only ones out and about in the world – keep moving!

“Rules of the Road” and the rest of the L.A. band’s debut album feature simple acoustic guitar strums and light percussion.  The band’s own suggested age range is 0 to adult, with the actual target audience skewing towards the former.  *Worth noting: The Squeegees, once a duo, now include Pierre De Reeder (Rilo Kiley) on bass – although I only hear the instrument on the album’s 14th and final number.

There have been a few iterations of “Meet the Squeegees” over the past few years.  The latest version includes that 14th track, “Tweet Tweet Tweet”, and is available exclusively at Target (although it’s out of stock at the time of this review – not a good thing when working with exclusive distribution, I’d imagine).  Fortunately, individual tracks from “Meet the Squeegees” versions 1.0 and 2.0 can still be purchased.  Download “Rules of the Road” today from, and keep moving when the elevator doors open!

*A copy of “Meet the Squeegees” was provided to OWTK for review.  The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.  No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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