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Cuteness: Three Year Old Division

The Mouse's Curly Fry Hair

Actual conversations between the Mouse and I, over the course of the prior 3 days:

Mouse: “Daddy, do Kings pick apples?”

Me: I dunno, honey, I guess they could if they wanted apples straight from an orchard. Why?

Mouse: “Because if a King picked apples, that would be random.”

…then, later:

Mouse (pointing to her throat): “Daddy, this is my throat.  This is where the words I say come from.”

Me:  You’re right, honey.  Do you know how words get in your throat?

Mouse: “No.”

Me: When you are a baby, Mommies and Daddies have to feed you words so that you grow up and know how to talk and have conversations.

Mouse: “You’re silly, Daddy.”


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