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Watch This: Flannery Brothers “Pirate or Parrot?” Video

Who needs a big budget when you’ve got a parrot costume handy?

Maine’s very own Flannery Brothers give video treatment to “Pirate or Parrot?”, a goofy shanty song that my girls like very much.  I haven’t written much about the Flannery boys here on OWTK, but that’ll change in the coming weeks, ’cause their 2nd kindie disc “The New Explorers Club” comes out in October.  Here’s a sneak peek at my review: it ain’t too shabby.

For now, enjoy the very homemade (but adorable none-the-less video) for “Pirate or Parrot?” by Flannery Brothers (I wouldn’t have guess there be pirates in the great state of Maine, but check out those very realistic pirates lined up behind Dan Flannery at the 1-minute mark):

Pre-order and/or stream “The New Explorers Club” now, here.

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