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Summer To Do List & Reading Challenge

In 8 weeks the Bear enters 1st Grade.  Our summer is very short.

To make sure we have a splendid time of it, we four put our heads together and came up with a list of 25-30 things to see, do, experience and enjoy between now and August 15th.  Three of our weekends are booked (Phillies road trip, Newport Folk Fest, Governor’s Island/NYC trip) so these are mostly things to do during the weekdays with just me and the girls.  This list hangs on an impressive handmade poster, courtesy of the Mrs.  The idea is to lightly color over the items once accomplished.

The OWTK Summer to do list

The Mrs. also initiated a 50 books in 50 days reading challenge to the Bear.  She’s already finished off 3 easy-readers in the 1st 24 hours since this poster was completed, reading each of them aloud to the rest of us.

Something tells me reaching 50+ books in 2 months isn’t going to be too hard.

The Bear's Book Reading Challenge

What do you have in store for your summer?

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