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My 1st Grader

Kindergarten, your time is up.

Is the Bear considered a 1st grader immediately following the conclusion of kindergarten or is she in elementary school limbo ’till mid-August when school starts up again (that’s right – she’s allowed only 8 weeks for summer, and this has nothing to do with snow days).

Whatever.  I’m calling her a 1st grader, effective this morning.

The girls and I sat down last night and compiled a list of stuff we want to do over the next 2 months.  Small stuff like making muffins followed by a day spent hiking & canoeing, then a couple big ticket adventures like Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Crayola Factory.  Going to make up a poster of all the stuff, 24 items right now, then slowly check off all that is accomplished.

Hello Summer, we’re ready for ya.



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