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Welcome to Dr. Noize’s Grammaropolis

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dr. Noize, the mad genius behind The Ballad of Phineas McBoof – the album and the book.

He’s back now making a splash with his new concept Grammaropolis, a mashup off Schoolhouse Rock and Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss/Mr. Men books.  Having spent some time exploring the impressive Grammaropolis website, I predict Dr. Noize is ready for the big time (and by that, I mean TV and mass merchandising), but maybe that’ll have to wait for the full length album to drop in 2011.

In the meantime, check out the “Grammaropolis” video here and explore for yourself this fun, interactive site filled with games, e-books, videos and character stories.  You’re going to want to get ahead of the curve on this one, that way you can say you loved Grammaropolis way before it landed on Nick Jr. and on your kid’s backpack and lunchbox.

You’ve been enjoying (and requesting it) on XM Radio’s Kids Place Live, now buy the mp3 single of “Grammaropolis” here.

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