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Watch This: Sugar Free Allstars “Rock Awesome” Video

The funk is a lot like baseball…if you play it, they will come.

OK City’s masters of organ funk Sugar Free Allstars drop their new disc, “Funky Fresh and Sugar Free”, at the end of this month but have already polished off the album’s 1st video.  The lead track “Rock Awesome!” gets the garage rock treatment (which may be a theme with kindie funk rock – see Recess Monkey’s “Bubble Factory” video from last year).

Could a nationwide tour of garages, a la-old school indie and punk rock basement shows, be in the offing?  Now that’d totally rock awesome.

Enjoy “Rock Awesome!” from the Sugar Free Allstars:

Like what you hear?  Sample a few more new songs, including the fantastic “6th Grade Band”, on the SFAS website here and download an exclusive free album track from Zooglobble here.

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