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Watch This: Jack Skuller “Love is a Drum”

Not kid’s music, per se, but music made by a kid that other kids could definitely enjoy.  Close enough.

Check out this stylish b&w video for the song “Love is a Drum” by 14-year old Jack Skuller, which will likely conjuring up images of Buddy Holly and, maybe, Michael Buble if you’re so inclined.  Musically, “Love is a Drum” is a fuzzy, simple and powerful tune – a la The White Stripes.  The drummer needs to shirt-up though.  Just sayin’.

Best line: “If you play out of tune / she’s gonna walk out on you”.  Also, big props to Skuller for making better use of the phrase “love hurts” then Def Leppard did.

I gotta give it to Bar/None Records (the new home of Ralph’s World), ’cause the presentation here is superfine.  Jack Skuller comes across as a real musician first, heartthrob second.  An important distinction for artistic longevity purposes.

The “groupies” in the video are members of Care Bears on Fire and Supercute (Rachel Trachtenburg’s new bubblegum pop band – that’s her popping up 1st in the frame).

Enjoy Jack Skuller’s “Love is a Drum”:

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