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I’ve Seen The Future

I’ve seen the future.

It happened this past weekend.

Date: Saturday, April 3 2010
Time: appr. 1:00pm (ET)
Location: Rullofs Bar, College Ave, Ithaca NY

There must’ve been an open house or some kind of prospective student event at Cornell University because in addition to the throngs of obvious college students were the troupes of equally obvious high school kids, all wide-eyed and bushy tailed.  Accompanying the pimply boys and timid young ladies were fathers more scared then a pack of guys at a Dixie Chicks concert.  The dads glared suspiciously at everything and everyone; the muscular dudes in their Cornell lacrosse mesh shorts, the way-too-philosophical bearded chaps with their snazzy, yet belt-less, plaid shorts – everyone’s a potential threat to their future freshman.

That’s the future for us dads with daughters and I’m none too pleased with the outlook.  The next 11 years will likely zoom by and it’ll be me scanning for shady characters that’ll want to volunteer to be the Bear’s “study partner” or offer to walk her home from rehearsal.

I attempted to make eye contact and offer my condolences or at least try to commiserate with those fathers, my brethren, as they carried their baggie of brochures with a big “oh shit” look on their faces, but I think I probably did more harm than good.  I doubt the poor fellas even saw the rest of my family sitting at the table.  There I was, just another dude on campus, another lion to their gazelle.

Well, there’s always correspondence school.  I’m calling tonight to get those brochures sent our way asap.

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