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Mouse has gym on Wednesday mornings @ 9:30.

I began asking her to put socks on at 8:30.  I lost track, but I must’ve made my simple request 7 times, at a minimum.  And all with a smile or at the very least, sans scowl.  Her feet were still bare.  9:10.  I kinda flipped out.

This is a big problem for the almost-3-year old Mouse.  Selective hearing, ignoring, in her own world – call it what you want.  I call it utterly flabbergasting.  So, I threatened the only thing that really matters to her: no gym.  9:12.  She lost it, but it’s worth noting, she did get those socks on pretty quickly at this point.

I told her she still wasn’t going, that she could sit in her room for the 1 hour she would be in gym.  That maybe the next time I or her mother ask her to do something she’ll do it the first time (or, at least, by the 5th).  Truth be told, I really wanted to take her to gym.  It’s a free hour for me to work/read/whatever in the gymnastics center lobby, basking in the glow of their free WiFi.  9:15.

I decided, for my benefit as much as hers, to give her one more chance.  I asked her if she wanted to go to gym but promise to become a better listener.  “yet” (she still struggles with the ‘s’ sound – so damn cute).  Okay, go put shoes on I say.  One chance, asking once.  Done.  9:20.

She missed the beginning, when her class sits on the steps waiting for their coach, then gives coach hugs before they all run into the red room.  She really likes that part of class.  9:32.

Tears + being benched for the ‘tip-off’ = tiny lesson learned?  Should I have kept her home, the equivalent of a 1 game suspension? Probably not.  I think the way it worked out, you know, worked out.  Plus, this way I didn’t end up punishing myself in the process, which woulda sucked.


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