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You’re Welcome Here, Easter Bunny

We’ve never walked down the bunny path. Never. Not once.

That changes this year.

The Bear, probably because of her kindergarten classmates, is excited for the arrival of the big fictional rabbit.  She’s oblivious (thankfully) to the fact that Mr. Bunny has no clue who she is and has never hopped in here before.

The girls like candy and I like them to have it from time to time, but a basket full of crappy processed chocolate just ain’t going to happen.  If the Easter bunny is comin’ in here, he’s bringing handmade chocolates, a book, and something cute – little toy, neat pair of socks, etc.  Oh, and mini butter cream eggs and those little marshmallow peeps (green for the Bear, Purple for Mouse) – gotta have those (or so the Mrs. tells me).

I stopped at Wegman’s this morning and bought the peeps, Starburst red jellybeans (finally! no more lemon and black – a bag of just the red flavors!), a little puzzle/wind up toy thing, a 2-pack of spring character Playdoh, and a cute & timely paperback book called Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth (timely because the Bear is set to lose her 1st tooth any day – in fact, I’m traveling with some gold $1 coins just in case it happens during our Spring Break roadtrip). Then I hit up Strawberry Bakery, my amazing local French bakery, for some handmade lil’ choco bunnies.

We’re going to let the girls pick a basket and have it serve as a sorta Spring Christmas stocking, meaning that basket will remain theirs and will be put out the night before Easter (and all through the house…) every year.  The bunny will then fill it ala Santa and the stockings.  Modest plan, I think.

How do you handle the Easter bunny?

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