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Meltdown 2010: Alastair Moock

There was a metric ton of quality family music booked by Bill Childs of Spare the Rock for the 2010 Meltdown Festival.  Of all the acts scheduled, I can honestly say that I was excited most to see and hear Alastair Moock.  His debut kid’s album “A Cow Says Moock” remains high on my list of 2010 all-ages releases and that voice, oh that voice.  I wanted to hear it live and I did, in the intimate Lounge stage complete with Christmas lights and a disco ball. The converted hallway proved to be the perfect lil’ place to enjoy Moock’s gentle guitar and banjo work.  Oh, and his voice…amazing.

I recorded him performing Woody Guthrie’s “Ship in the Sky”.  Enjoy:

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